Audio C - my own private songs

An original path, passionated and self-taught, full of lyrics before letting the only music play… a kind of «chronological best of the past»


A l’aube d’une folie solitaire (1987)

A l’aube d’une folie solitaire (1987) A bit before 20 years old,a rock opera demo recorded on a 4-track Teac tape recorder (!!!), a Roland D50, a 50 dollars guitar  and the only reverb of a combo as main effect…

Very old demo songs (1988-90)

Very old demo songs (1988-90) With the same tools, the songs who were censed to feed the rock-opera. These are real demos. I could have made a choice, but who knows who likes what ?

Le désespoir des singes (1994)

Le désespoir des singes Solo recording piano/voice. Solo and duet ( wooden bass) tour with 20 dates within.
Song Awards in the contest « Nouvelles scènes 95 » of the Radio Swiss Romande. CD on demand.

Spleen & solarium (1997)

Spleen & solarium Recorded in 5 days. Jacques Raetz , electric bass et Jacques Lambelet, drums.
Other instruments and overdubs by myself. Analog recording at studio 11 of the Radio, Geneva by  Michel Golay, digital mix by Jean Ristori chez Jean-Pierre Huser à St-Légier. CD on demand.

Tabula rasa embargo (1998-2000)

Tabula rasa embargo Chronological realisation by mysel on a 8 track Roland VS 880 system. Intimistic personal journal. CD on demand.

Last demo songs (2002- ?)

Last Demo Songs Now that I have a good home-studio, I fell in love with instrumental music...